Wild Earth Child

by Jenna Greene

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released December 30, 2011



all rights reserved


Jenna Greene Providence

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Track Name: Affirmation
I open my eyes to the miracles surrounding me
All the love that is found in me
Ancient music resounds in me

I set myself free, love and openness are in control
Won’t let fear take its hold
I trust the wisdom my spirit knows

Let go, let your soul free- flow, Let go, let hope flow
Let go, let love flow, This is my affirmation
Let go, let peace flow, Let go, let joy flow
Let go, let abundance flow, This is my affirmation

I won’t let the magic of life be missed
All that is Goddess-kissed
I follow the path of bliss

I can be all that I dream to be
I let my wings fly free
Intention weaves my destiny


Only good lies before me
I have ones who love and adore me
I am divine essence
Finding power in the present
Relaxed, that’s a fact, no worries,
Taking my time, not in a hurry
Trustin’ my intuition
Love is my only mission

Track Name: Green Man (Wild Earth Child)
Lord of the Dance, King of the Forest
All of nature joins in his chorus
Jolly, laughing, full of life
The Mother Earth, his beloved wife
Leaves a-twining in his hair
A thunderous song, a lightning stare
He lurks in the churches of old
In the trees as they turn from green to gold

Wild Earth Child, return to the land
Join in the dance of the Green Man
Wild Earth Child, return to the land
Join in the dance of the Green Man

We’re all part of the cosmic force
Of nature and of spirit
Though some have forgotten
And some don’t want to hear it
Too busy shopping for landfill waste
(There’s a) Sale at the local box store
The Green Man gives a warning
Hear his mighty roar

What do you put in your body
What do you put in your mind
What about your spirit,
That forgotten inner child
And what are you doing to the land
With no reason or rhyme
Come back to balance
There’s no better time


When we harm the Mother,
We harm ourselves too
I know you want to be the change
Here’s what we can do
Take his hand
Return to the land
A spirit of oneness with all of life,
You will understand

Track Name: Phoenix
Rise up phoenix
Rise from the fire
Rise up phoenix
Strive ever higher
The wheel of time
Turns ‘round and has brought a new morn
Another chance to be reborn

You flew so high into the sky
And tried to touch the sun
Til you burst into flames
All your plans came undone
In a downward spiral
Hope dashed before your eyes
Maybe there's a lesson here,
A blessing in disguise


Everyone falls my dear
Everyone crashes
Stand up, stand up my dear
And dust off the ashes
All happens for a reason
If it is not clear
Time will help you to see
Through the mist of your tears


We all crash and burn,
All take a wrong turn
But never do we fail if the lesson is learned


Phoenix sing, your blackened wings
Have turned to red and gold
Now you have the pow'r to heal
Just as the legend is told
You can set out again
To touch your dreams and desires
With a new wisdom
Forged in phoenixfire
Track Name: Brigid
Bright Queen, Exalted One,
Power of the golden sun
Be with me here in this place
Wrap your arms ‘round me
Let your magic surround me
Help me to stand in your grace

My steps have faltered,
My wisdom has altered
I have been such a fool
Turned away from all you gave
Now I cry to you to save my soul
Lead me back to you

On the brink of my dreams I turned away
And made so many mistakes
Just in reach of my bliss I went astray
And now I’ll do all that it takes
To find a new way to begin
To find that divine spark within
To find the truth in myself
And put love above all else
Brigid, oh Brigid, Brigid, oh Brigid

Bright Queen, Exalted One,
Power of the golden sun
Be with me here in this place
Help me mend all I’ve broken
The harsh words I’ve spoken
All I’ve done help me face

Forgive myself but not forget
Move forward without regret
Learn to stand my ground
Heal the aftermath
Stay steady on my path
Never again to back down


Bright queen, exalted one,
Power of the golden sun.......
Track Name: Muse
Along this path I wander
Filled with hunger
For a fire I cannot see
When I am still,
She comes and works Her will
Lets Her songs flow through me

I have no choice
But to follow Her voice
For it leads to ecstasy
I want nothing less
Than this daring quest
Enshrined in mystery

(Chorus) Oh what you do to me
With your secret sorcery
You have cast your spell on me
Pull me, reel me in

She draws me to the strings
Breathes in me as I sing
Fills me up and makes me whole
Inner fire rages
Sonnets fill my pages
And heal my weary soul

From deep within the well
Comes the mystic’s spell
The dreamer’s serenade
That makes the fool believe
And the deaf man heed
And dispels my darkest shade

(Chorus and Instrumental)

The way is easy
We just make it harder
Than it really has to be
When I am brave
And follow the path I crave
All doors open before me

Track Name: Samhain Night
Light the sacred fires, hold your lover tight
Welcome now the spirits of Old Samhain Night
Light the sacred fires, hold your lover tight
Welcome now the spirits of Old Samhain Night

The veil between the Otherworld
And our plain of mortal
Thins to welcome the ancients ones,
The earth becomes their portal
Let not your heart be heavy,
Let not your head be light
Keep aware and quench you fears
On this Samhain night

Cast a magick circle to protect you from your fears
As we celebrate harvest and the Celtic new year
Come with me into the woods,
Deep in a sacred grove
And dance with me for life and love
As the elements enfold


We honor our ancestors,
Loved ones who have passed
We keep them in our memory
With love that always lasts
Tonight they pass the Bridge of Swords
To be with us again
Through the veil of spirit-world into the realm of men

By oak and ash and thorn
We build the sacred fire
We dance until the morn, the smoke it rises higher
Study close the shadows, study close the flame
A voice from long ago may whisper your name


We dare not fall asleep
Til the promise of a gentle dawn
Away the spirits creep
Another Samhain come and gone
But we will not forget their loving presence here
Those who've gone before us we'll honor all the year


So hold your lover tight
And walk though in a sweet dream
Through Old Samhain Night
Where things are never as they seem


- copyright J.L. Greene
Track Name: Chapel of the Wood
Come stoop between the hazel leaves
Thrust the chestnut branch aside
The tangle that the woodland weaves
Forgets the waiting world outside

So let this cave of watered green
Cool all your thoughts by care oppressed
And let the sunlight fall between
The leaves and dapple on your breast

Spring green, the youngest green
Chequers all the leafy ride
Shall mesh the lattice of the screen
Where fact and myth for you divide

Seek no ease in spoken words
But in the chapel of the wood
Take wing among the boughs with birds
To find a perfect brotherhood

The bluebells drifting through the trees
A silent brook a long the brook
Shall flow for you as fantasies
Escaped from reason’s record book

The hyacinths between the trees
Shall spread as blue as smoke
Wider than dreams or prophecies
Around the static, rooted oak

Little owl that cries by night
Shall voice your intimate despair
Barking foxes shall invite
Your sorrow to the listening air

Seek no ease in spoken words
But in the chapel of the wood
Take wing among the boughs with birds
To find a perfect brotherhood
Track Name: Dance of the Goddess
Arianrhod, Celene, Banba, Aer

Rhiannon, Brigid, Edain, Saga, Caer

Yemaya, Oshun, Libana

Artio, Frigga, Inanna

(Chorus) Enchantress, Huntress, Mother, Healer
Lover and Revealer
Moving in her dance, dance

Ostara, Tailltu, Danu, Morrigan

Damara, Eriu, Anu, Cerridwen

Idunna, Diana, Maya

Epona, Morganna, Gaia


Druantia, Iaine, Freya, Hecate

Brigantia, Astarte, Dea, Pele

Sirona, Nimue, Quan Yin

Matrona, Kele-De, Branwen

Track Name: Enchantress
Come to me tonight Beloved
In forest glens we shall meet
Come gaze into my eyes Beloved
And taste my kisses sweet

Don't think upon work tomorrow
Work can wait another day
Lie within my arms tomorrow
After a night of play

(Chorus) Follow my voice
Soft on the air
Let me enfold you
Melt away your cares

Search for me tonight Beloved
I'll appear in sheer, silken dress
Moonlight in my eyes and hair
Come feel my soft caress

Steal away tonight Beloved
Steal away into the deep
Whisper, love, into my ear
We'll share the secrets we keep


Don't resist tonight Beloved
Come to me with heat and haste
We'll go to places once forbidden
The fruits of summer we'll taste

Steal away tonight Beloved....

Wild in the wood, passion’s sweet kiss
Clutching, entwining, deep in the mist
Deep in the mist
Track Name: Land of the Sidhe
Your heart so heavy
Your mind full of woe
Take my hand and away we’ll go
Tis not far-off
Though many can’t see
The mystical door to
The Land of the Sidhe

Down a secret stairway
To an ancient grove
Where silver trees sing in the tongues of old
By moonlit flower and spiral in stone
And starlit splendor
Our way it is shown

(Chorus) We'll float through the night
On moonlight clear
Sail far away from here
It's not far off
Though many can't see
The mystical door to The Land of the Sidhe

It lies right before you, take my hand
I’ll lead you into shining lands
I’ll tell a faerie secret on this misty night
All magic is hidden within plain sight